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19 years since 9/11

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Today, 19 years ago, one of the most shocking human tragedies has happened, that people also associate with terrorists attacks (me - not, and you'll see why a bit below), that marked the beginning of the 21st century. I remember being at work in Moscow, finishing the day, switching off desk computer, when my colleagues started talking about attacks in New York City. They put on TV and said that there's something absolutely horrible  happening in New York at that exact moment (it was 7 or 8 hours difference between Moscow and NYC at that time, can't remember exactly, so when we were finishing work, people in the US were just starting their normal day and leaving for work...). 

We were - all of us, myself and colleagues, - glued to the screen in a total disbelief and shock, I remember. And then the second attack happened... 

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At that time and on that day I didn't know that a few years later I will be working for a US company in Bermuda and will be travelling to NYC quite a lot; that I will meet some nice people who will become my friends - some of them right until now - and they will be saying that the 11th day of September is something they will never be able to erase from their memories, no matter how much they'd try. 

World Trade Center, October 2019 (shot on iPhone)

And here's why I actually believe this was more than just a terrorists attack: Dylan Avery's documental 'Loose Change', that you can watch for free (strange they didn't remove it so hurry up before they do..) here:  (Russian version HERE ).

I know there will be at least half of people who's reading this, saying I'm wrong, but watch the documentary. And, if you're not an idiot, you'll agree that the authors' version DEFINITELY deserves the right to exist. 

9/11 Memorial, photo from November 2019. Black square in the middle of the fountain is where they switch on the blue lights, every year, up in the sky, - a very beautiful and important tribute to the fallen lives. 

I won't say more. There's no need to say more, apart from expressing my deepest condolences to the families of all innocent victims of that tragedy, and a hope this will never happen again. Rest in peace those 2977 souls who lost their lives there, you will never be forgotten. X

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**My heart also goes for the innocent people who were killed on the 4 aircrafts and inside Pentagon buildings, even although the latter were mostly military who are / should be prepared to give their live(s) for their country, - it is still a terrible tragedy of course. 

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