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After rain + Special Offer for my clients!

Hey everyone and happy fool's day!! What a joke we're currently living in, aren't we... So how actually are you ? :) How're you coping with the quarantine? How're your families doing? Did you get used to all this madness yet and maybe even enjoying it, in some weiiiird way lol, - or are you looking forward (like us)) to get the f***k out of the house already and go back to work etc?? I personally cannot wait to get back to work... not only because of financial reasons but also to feel like the life keeps going on as normal.. as before. We've been blessed with some rains recently (yes, it's a good thing for the islands!!))), and one of those days I've picked up my camera and went out on the terrace to take some shots. Cats and Edu have joined me too :) 


If you like palm trees as much as I do, you're welcome to download the following images for FREE (email me if you don't wanna see my watermark and / or want these in high res), and use them as your mobile background or however else you want! Click on each image to open a new window and download as JPG. file:


 Since this whole situation with COVID-19, financial uncertainty and too much free time on hands, I'm also offering to ALL my previous clients who had a shoot with me (or few), to consider having more images edited, as only now until the 15th of April I will retouch upto 20 images for only 50€, send the edited images in color and in black &white to you via email upon receiving your online payment, and the editing time won't be longer than 5 days =)  


Just send me a message by clicking HEREand I will get back to you in a blink of an eye ;) 


Now I hope you enjoy your Wednesday evening and are feeling inspired and motivated! Stay safe and healthy xx