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Barranco de Afur hiking with the new Hasselblad

Hey guys! Last weekend we went hiking in beautiful Parque Rural de Anaga with our friend Alena. Was amazing except quite a steep way back up and strong sun that burned our shoulders to the lovely baby-lobster red despite SPF 50 sunscreen... Nevertheless was absolutely worth it as that part of Tenerife is still - thanks G-d, - not too well discovered by tourists and the industry, like Masca, for example, - yet it has just as stunning views to offer to its passers.. Very rewarding is the beach in the middle of hiking, where you can have a picnic and swim (just don't forget to pick up rubbish after yourselves ;), if you're brave enough to jump into ocean's strong, crushing waves! 


That's it for now, but check out these beautiful develops from Edu's new toy - Hasselblad 500cm medium 6x6 format, - it's a candy, and Edu's very proud to be able to develop the films at his new home lab.. ;) Xx