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Big cleanup

This past Sunday we went to Añaza to participate in a big coastal cleanup, organized by Terramare Medioambiente (their Facebook page: with the help of EcoOcéanos, Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz, ULL Solidaria etc.. You can see some photos below and on their FB page. All credits to the authors respectively.

Both the land and the ocean were taken care of, with the help of volunteers (some professional divers amongst them!) it's been 3 tonnes (!!!!) of rubbish collected. Imagine that, 3 tonnes on the beach and underwater. Stuff that could've been properly thrown away into bins or at a scrapyard.. Unbelievable..

We went at 10am and left around 1.30pm to see friends on the beach of Las Teresitas. The weather was perfect, such a fantastic day..! 

Getting ready and packing up as we're off to Fuerteventura soon, - hope you're having a niiice time on Semana Santa too, guys!!! Xx