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Bio Bolla by EcoLogicStudio

Hello everyone! 


Wow, it's been a while. And it's not like I don't want to share here anything or my life lately didn't have anything 'sharable', - quite the opposite!, - I just don't feel like it'd be appropriate to write about anything except work. All personal stuff, travels and impressions will be here as soon as the situation improves with the war, I promise! And I actually have tons of photos and thoughts waiting :)


And right now I'm glad to show you what I worked on back in March, apart from architecture and interiors. This project was done by  EcoLogicStudio based in London, and it's a furniture set with algae capsules that purify air in the room. The project itself took place at the Italian embassy in Tenerife South, and it's completely harmless to people (hence there're some children involved) and environment, you can read more here: