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First beach day after quarantine

Hey everyone! Since yesterday we''re finally allowed to go the beach !!! Which in this +30C heat is invaluable.. Here's a small part of our fantastic Monday - hope you feel the happy vibes!! And if not, I'm sure you have some other precious things in life that you are currently grateful for and that make you happy. For us it was definitely going to the beach in Santa Cruz again, and even although water was freezing and waves were crazy strong * high, it's still nice to finally appreciate the real island life. Almost in full. ;) 

All shot on iPhones and without much editing; we woke up super early (for me - 7am !!) and brought snacks, water and MUCH needed coffee with us, and later on had an amazing quick lunch at the beach cafe... Dream life! =D Sending you all a big virtual hug and till soon xxx