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First 'unlockdown' run

Happy Mother's Day to all mommies around Spain!!! It's overwhelming how many different dates there are for this important day, but since we are living in Spain, I guess it'd be appropriate to mention it here today, on a blog written from Canary islands :) 

This weekend is particularly special also because of transition to the first phase of un-lockdown -- from yesterday we're allowed to go outside for some early morning and evening hours, and of course we went for a run. It felt SOOO GOOD !!! And even though my body is super sore today, I'm still glad we did it, because, you know, how much longer can a person take of being locked inside?! Even Mona Lisa went bananas..))

Last run was exactly 2 months ago, when Barcelona marathon was still on, and before I was sick with all sorts of flu... Now it's postponed to October, so all fun of training must go on!!! See you on the roads guys - soon we all are gonna be FREE and hopefully back to our normal lives again.. xxx