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First winter post of 2022

Hey guys! Happy Christmas & New year to you all from sunny and warm Tenerife =) 


It's been a while since my last post here, and, ideally, it must've been a wrap-up post of my 2021 but these photos were taken just a few hours ago this afternoon, and I'm feeling like the 'now_here' is more important than looking back into the past... I will definitely share some great (and maybe not so great..) moments of the last year with you here, but for now just look at these three furry souls that make my (and Edu's hopefully!) life so much better... They are my friends & my family; they see and understand much more that we think they do, and without them life wouldn't be the same! I know I might sound like an old cat-woman but these three are now just same inseparable from me like my human family. Each of them has his own character and way to be, each one of them has found us differently, has interesting story of where they come from, but each of them is loved to pieces and treated as a real family member.


I therefore hope and wish you not to be/feel lonely, and to treat all (!) animals with the same unconditional love as they treat us, no matter if it's a cat, dog, pig or a rabbit, - they all need love and care and attention. Just as we, humans, all do, too xxxxx