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Happy Holidays! From Reykjavik ;)

Hey hey, how's life? :) Here's just a quick post from Reykjavik while we're heading to Madrid again, and then to snowy Pyrenees =) Crazy to be leaving hot Tenerife for cold mainland, but we love it. 

Now, this could easily be called 'The morning after New Year's eve party', hehe, - but it was just a grey, moody morning in a hotel in Reykjavik, - the first one after all the driving-camping time. It felt good to be there as we were really tired by that point...

And the day when we were flying back home, we had some time before the flight, so we decided to go to this beach as it was on our way. It was SOOOO cold and windy, I've never felt like this cold before I think, despite the sun!!))) 


Have a fantastic holidays and a very, very happy New Year guys!!!!


Love, peace and HUGS xxx