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Hello Everyone!


Time to finally reveal some things that've been happening lately, i.e. I've moved to the islands' capital city - Santa Cruz - and started a new life with my boyfriend and three cats (!!!). He bought a house recently and, as you can guess, there's been lots of changes, move arounds, doubts and emotions involved, but so far I can defo tell you two things: there's always a balance, so if you feel low today, there's a good chance that tomorrow you're gonna be happy again! And secondly, don't be afraid of starting anew! Even when life gives you unpleasant surprises (and is not always a beach, hehe), - never ever give up. Believe in yourself and trust people around you who have proved to be your true friends. Don't hold onto the past and people who go away easily from you, - MOVE ON, life is short!! I have to thank quite a few souls out there who've helped me in many ways, including my dear mother, Olga, Amanda, Emily, etc, - and Edu is also one of them. Thanks baby for making me SO happy and LOVED again, you are a true gem and I am the luckiest girl on earth. Can not imagine my life now without you and our small furry family! <3 


Apart from moving from south to the north of the island, there's been some changes in our blog , too: Irina and Evgenia went more towards their personal projects, Olga had a baby (biggest baby boy with the most charming smile!!), and lots of other changes that have affected us all directly and indirectly. I'm studying now to get my Spanish driving license sorted out; finished [finally] the NYIP course and got my diploma that's now framed & proudly hanging on the wall; lately been focused a lot on interior photography yet still had a couple of private photosessions; and the last but not least - I've completely re-built my website and decided to start a new personal blog here! Sounds like a lot, right?? Well like said above, - don't be afraid of changes and starting anew. If it won't bring you immediate success, it'll give you an experience to learn from, - and that's priceless x