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How to treat your photographer

(Just kidding of course with the above image (more from that session coming up soon!!)))


Hey guys! Yesterday I've had an interesting experience with one of my clients who wasn't happy with the photos and wanted his money back or another - free - photo session despite the fact that all photos were delivered in time and answered the requirements (in my and few other fellow photographers' opinion). Have to say that since I've been doing photography professionally, i.e. for the last 10 ish years, I've never been in such situation. First of all, because I know I am a good photographer ;) My constant clients who keep coming back to me over the years is the best proof of it. Secondly, because I am a strong believer and supporter of a theory 'Client is always right'. Whenever client is saying that he/she is not too happy with any of the photos I took of him/her, I always try to achieve an agreement by adjusting those photos as they want. 

Well this case was different. And I don't wanna go into details here it'll take too long, but I was relieved to discover (thanks Google!) some particular things about this, - now ex, - client that proved that it's not the photos that he was unhappy with, it's just the way he is, the way he DOES BUSINESS in his country, and now trying to bring those 'rules' to Spain... Just remember that elementary etiquette and adequate feedback sometimes can really make the difference, while insulting someone is never a good way to keep good relationship with a person who's been working with you for quite some time... A simple politeness can move walls, create good friendships, or at least get what you wanted without any risk of being banned.


Piece & Love xx