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Lanzarote moya lyubov, Famara - La Graciosa

Hey guys, last weekend we were in Lanzarote again, but this time we had a friend of ours / of Edu since his university, - Lorena, - who came straight from Madrid and stayed for a week (we were there for a bit shorter time sadly..). We had super luck to stay in Caleta de Famara on the first line on the coast, and above photos just show the beauty that opened to our eyes the next morning, since we arrived late at night to check in...

We woke up, wow-ed the views and immediately decided to go breakfast hunting & for a paseo around Famara village =) 

Here's a link to the place if you're in the area (will open in a new window):

Finally after almost an hour waiting and sipping on beers on empty stomaches, we've got a table and ordered our gluttonous fiest lunch (obv there were more dishes added lately..)))

We drove with Lorena who had to catch an earlier flight than us, we checked the luggage and went for a walk in a COMPLETELY abandoned Arrecife, (the capital of Lanzarote), lost and fished (!!), thanks to a lonely Moroccan guy, my face mask that flew away and fell into the water, then we had coffee and non-alcoholic beer, and then (3 hours later..))) have finally crawled because of my bad knee   jumped on the plane that brought us back home to our most beautiful, loving and spoiled cats, who we love just as how we'd love our own kids, I think, - that was one of the good things about coming back to Tenerife. 

I'm wishing you ALL a good weekend, to stay strong and healthy, and to respect each other no matter what skin color or nation you are. I am very touched by what is happening now both in the USA and in Russia / Belarussia where people get hurt and yet do NOT give up on their civil & HUMAN rights. I support them with all my heart and energy. I follow the news every day (Edu sometimes says it's too much)) and I do whatever I can from here in order to be even a slightest part of the big change that is OUGHT to happen, and my hope and prayers to the universe are that this change will happen NOW. What a time we're living in. What a crazy year it is {so far...}. 


We must stay together no matter what, because #BlackLivesMatter and because #AllLivesMatter .

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