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Lisbon and NOS Alive music festival

Hello and welcome back everyone!!))) So I decided to give it another try before completely abandoning this soon-to-be a boggy &mossy blog of mine.. And if you miss the freedom of CHOICE (whether it's just about putting a face mask at your local shop, or flying somewhere far, far away..) - this post is for you. 

This time last year we were at NOS-Alive music festival in Lisbon, discovering new bands, wandering the city streets daytime and getting acquainted with Lisbon' nightlife through delicious cuisine and Portuguese people - that city never sleeps when it's summer! Follow these memories with us below, from the first day as we took a bus from Madrid to Lisbon, and till the tacky airplane window shot on the way back to Spain..

We arrived to Lisbon late at night, left suitcases and went out for dinner; both were shocked when saw crowds of people on streets 'minding their own business', so to say..)) Next morning was about discovering Alfama - Lisbon' area where we stayed those 3 days. So beautiful!! We walked up- and down its streets, ate in fish restos, drunk way too many coffees and 'vinhos verdes' wherever possible, then went back to our apmt for a goooood nap before the festival, as we knew it's gonna be a long night..))) We were incredibly lucky to see and listen to lots of crazy good bands (Bon Iver, Thom Yorke, The Smashing Pumpkins, Vetusta Morla to name a few!!), but our main goal and excitement was about the Chemical Brothers... What. A. Gig. ! Here's a tiny little piece of the concert from Edu's insta if you're curious: , and here's a YouTube official video from festival creators: 

...After the festival, we decided not to wait in a queue for official taxis (wrong decision!!)) and take one on the road, but before that happened, we had to walk around 12km, - a normal distance for two more or less experienced runners, but a killing one after hours and hours of dancing and standing on feet in leather boots.... 

The next morning we obviously didn't bother waking up with sunrise (came back home around 4am and stayed up until 6.00am talking on our small, cozy balcony discussing the experience and sharing emotions with a bit more booze..)))). Then it was breakfast hunting time so we went out and accidentally spent the whole day out (never thought these old, noisy trams are so much fun!).

Incredible memories, oh how I miss those times now while living in all the pandemic sh*t, - please excuse my French, - new restrictions and silly, meaningless rules, created with whatever purpose.. but I aint no going any further with this now. :-/ 


Back to Lisbon streets guys!! Quite unique and full of character ;)

Now looking at these photos, remembering the big road, all the airport hassle, packing/unpacking suitcases and visiting friends, family and places, - it all just seems SO SURREAL right now doesn't it?! If I only knew what was ahead of us at that time... I think we wouldn't spend any of our free time at home, but would've travelled somehow every day. Coulda-woulda-shoulda... 


Next: some of our local adventures around Tenerife when the lockdown was sort of over ( you believe in rumors about the second pandemic wave coming around fall time btw??.), and we were too eager to be outside on the beach, camping and doing whatever... Stay tuned :) and healthy! Xx

P.S. If you liked this post and its vibes. here's a NOS Alive RADIO for ya (should open in a new window):