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New family member ;)

Hello and welcome to meet our new family member (or, a new CAT family member that is))): Joey Tribiani-Acaso-Marennikov hehehe, who's name is dedicated to the handsome and quite simple character from 'Friends' - Joey Tribiani =) 

This Joey is only 3,5 months old but he's already got some story to tell... At first, his name was actually Sarah (as his previous family thought 'he' was a 'she'..)), then we thought we'd call him Tsar (or Zar as per name of Grand Princes in Russia, like Ivan the Terrible, for example..)), consonant to Sarah; then Edu offered Ross from "Friends" sitcom (just because we both adore Ross Geller's character)), but he was quite obviously not as intelligent and calm as his prototype, rather silly, cheeky and very naughty. And so he stays Joey for already a month. 

He is a very cute and incredibly curious kitten; he's absolutely fearless and brave; he LOVES food and can eat the amount of two adult cats (poor Miapops and Salem, we have to look after them now to make sure they eat their portions and don't starve!!), and he is also the most 'cariñoso' (loving, sweet from Spanish) little cat after his sleep. He's also gonna be quite a large cat when he grows up! And very soon he's also going to be [hopefully!!] much calmer as we're scheduling curtain operation/ surgery for him.... poor little thing, he has no idea yet!.. But we know it's for his own good and, really, inevitable if we wanna keep him inside the house and have our two other grown cats less stressed. 


So that's the news for now!! There's also something I'm currently busy with, which I should be able to share with you the upcoming week, - that's more work wise. Wish me luck! Stay tuned and have a fantastic weekend!! X