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One more certificate in

Good Sunday morning/ afternoon guys. 

How actually are you? 

I have a lot to say about what's going on right now in the world, and I will.. but for now lets focus on something positive that is good for everyone: studying.

This was my first time with , and overall I am happy with them! Large variety of all types of courses, convenient online studying at anytime & any place you want, at your own pace, and prices are ridiculous (I paid like 28€ for two courses !!). But also the feedback form the teacher is something definitely lacking and they should work on it a bit more, imo. 

Comparing to NYIP course where I literally had to go places and study as if it was at a real university, with exams, lots of feedback and real homework, here you can practically submit smartphone photos, and the course is based on videos and some PDF's that are available 24/7 to you though. 

The price of the NYIP is also significantly higher than at Domestika, but I think if you really want to understand the subject and achieve some success, you need to pay for it with both your time AND money. Once you're 'there' with constant clientele, new projects and jobs coming in, and you don't have much time for deep studying, I'd definitely recommend Domestika. I liked it and still have one more course to do there!! ;)


Talk soon and be safe x