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RIP Evita

Hey guys.. how are you? December is here, and so is the hope for better times coming our way. Everyone needs a good cheer-up, so it's really nice to look forward to Christmas & New Year's celebration, even if it's not going to be as per our usual plans.. 


There's a reason of my absence here (for those of you who follow me here anyway)). Our beautiful cat Eva has crossed rainbow bridge on the 15th of October due to kidneys failure and after almost a year of battling.. We were giving her medicine, blood volume and even tried to find a vet clinic that does kidneys operation called 'dialysis', but found nothing in Tenerife or Canary islands (lucky ones who live in Valencia or in the US though!.). 

It was absolutely heartbreaking as she was the most human loving cat of all three of them... She was the one that actually needed your company all the time even after she was fed.. I remember when I felt a bit down or had headache she'd come and sit right next to me, looking with incredible love and curiosity.. Beautiful, most 'cariñosa' cat inside out. I'm writing this right now and can not stop the tears... She is greatly missed by all of us including Salem and Miapops.

RIP our dear Evita X