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Running with D&B

Hello hello, sorry for the absence! We just came back from running in La Esperanza with a friend with his Most.Amazing.Dog.Ever, called Bowie. They came to live in Canaries from the mainland Spain, and I've honestly never in my life seen such an intelligent, nice dog like this one. Seriously, and I'm a 100% cat person usually... but that dog has literally melted my heart (as well as of hundreds of other ppl he met on his way!). Once again thinking that the lack of a good animal respect amongst a lot of locals is a serious problem here in Tenerife / Canaries. I wish one day people will realize that dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc - are not a hunting target but live beings that deserve the right to be loved and to die in freedom or in beloved house, not abandoned by careless owners or shot in some stupid competition just for a joke.(((((


Anyway. We're gonna chill on a sofa now with books and teas, tomorrow is a hard day and we're tired like logs, hehe, - 12km ish today is giving quite a tiring feeling in your body. Have a great week folks! Lots of love and happy belated international women's day !!!!