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Snow on Teide after Filomena

Hey guys, as promised yesterday, here're some pro-camera photos from our Friday trip to Teide! Hope you like it.. Check out here for some more if you like, too:


We drove by the northern road, up via Icod de los Vinos by sandy road (warning: not all cars can go through that road!! Only SUV's / offroaders, so be careful, and, furthermore, connection ain't so good either in case if you'll need grua (evacuation services)..).

I must admit that every time when I'm feeling low and blaming this island for its bureaucracy, isolation from the 'big land', bad volcanic energy  and G-d knows what else (because, you know, when things go bad or just a bit stagnant, you wanna blame whatever & whoever else but not yourself!), I need to remind myself still how bloody lucky I am to live and work here, with the person who I love with all my heart, with THE most amazing, educated cats, to be able to travel between the islands just out of boredom and at the last minute booking, to go snow sliding and next day to swim in the ocean... and many other things. This hurricane Filomena was one of them. We were suffering from the summer heat and begging for rain - we got it. I was feeling nostalgic about snow in Russia - we got that too without even leaving the island... Tenerife has so much to offer if you know where to look and are patient. Even the world pandemic wasn't as bad here as in other countries/cities of the world... And I know that people who have left the island, already miss it and look to come back.


So.. Thank you Tenerife. For all the lessons you taught and keep teaching me. I guess it has become really serious between you & me :)