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Stunning autumn in Tacoronte, Northern Tenerife

Hey guys! How's your weekend going? We've been in Tacoronte (Northern part of Tenerife) yesterday with Edu - a spontaneous decision that proved once again to be a good one. The less you plan something (unless buying a property or marrying, perhaps?))), the better outcome can be. Because you don't have expectations ;) Life would be SO much easier if we all haven't had them, eh?)

You can easily find this spot as Tacoronte' Natural pools, exit 17 from the busy TF-5, a bit of curvy, steep serpentine, - and you are in paradise <3 . 

Also when we came back from our beach walk to the parking, we met two amazing hippie guys, Katya and Vova, who were from Ukraine and Georgia (I mean, - what are the odds of it, right??!!)))) and who came to Tenerife from literally the very furtherest parts of the world (like Goa in India).


We talked while we gave them a lift to the bus terminal, and Edu and I we both realised how much we miss travelling and such nomadic lifestyle that represents Freedom at its best. They told us that they enjoy this way of living, they are happy to be constantly moving around, but that, unfortunately, they also got kicked out of the caves where they stayed, peacefully living by the beach and not doing ANY harm to anyone, - yet they had to be 'evicted'. Apparently, these people are more of a problem than large abandoned hotels / residential buildings on the Canarian coast, that are NEVER finished and that destroy MUCH more environment, than these poor guys... Really sad!. I wish them good luck and hope they've managed to get to their destination point safe and sound in that rainy evening. Maybe one day I'll be able to bring them to the south or help in some other way :)