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A little more of Fuerteventura

Hey guys! Just a couple more of Fuerteventura pics and us this time, at the wild Playa de Cofete beach =) Missing this place a lot... Off to Madrid soon with Edu for a few days - really looking forward to it! We've booked a beautiful place through Airbnb right in the centre next to Museo del Prado, will take lots of photos as it's spring time now, and Madrid is looking specifically gorgeous.. Hope you're having a nice evening and weekend plans!


Today in Russia we celebrate / mourn the Great Victory's Day against nazi regime in Germany.. Every life counts but in general around 26 millions of Soviet citizens have lost their lives in the War, including 11 millions of Soviet soldiers... This was the harshest price of all allies against fascism, and, one way or another, we're still paying for it... Make love No war, and may piece force be forever greater than some bunch of stupid, ambitious politicians. X