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Madrid in May

Hello! We're back from Madrid since last week, and here're some snapshots from the trip! 

Found it on Airbnb (it's located in Calle Echegaray, 20). Then we went to El Rastro market to meet Edu's friends..

Had a few beers with them; walked around 12-14km according to iPhone app; were joined by more friends and had few more beers with them at Rastro; listened to & danced (me))) at a live concert by a Spanish band who played Radiohead and Black Keys hits; bought some books (encouraged Edu to buy one by the Russian classic Nickolay Gogol, translated into Spanish!); had food & more beers wherever possible)); visited an old train station and finally got home - exhausted and drunk, but happy after so much communication, locations visited and km's of walks around the beautiful city of Madrid. What a place, such great vibes and nicest people, lots of things to see, to do and places to go to... I miss citylife sometimes a lot <3 <3 

Now we're off to have dinner with Edu as he's away for work this week for a few days, so it's gonna be nice to spend some time together before he goes. Movies night with icecream afterwards, - hope your Monday is not just as stressful as ours!! Hehe, take care guys xoxoxo