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Feria del libro weekend

Hey guys! How was your weekend? Here it was nice, quiet and extremely HOTTT - summer's arrived in Tenerife.. at last =) dunno whether I'd prefer winter to be back for a day or not..))

We went down to Feria del libro at Parque Garcia Sanabria on Saturday, met friends and had a nice dinner at Taverna Tagoro (fantastic place, fast service, and the food there is always really tasty..!). Sunday early morning we went to the beach, had a 10k run in San Andres, then stayed at home the whole day / evening, - with this sudden heat caused by calima its absolutely imposible to be outside in the daytime and do any activities at all!!. 

Now we're gonna make some popcorn and watch a movie or two - tomorrow work day, we're shooting for a pharmaceutical company at our house - EXCITING!!! Hope you're having a nice start of the week as well xx