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Summer haul

Hello there!! It's been awhile =) Done lotsa work & travel lately with Edu, the updates will come soon from our short getaway in Madrid and nearly 2 week vacation in Moraira / Calpe (seen IG highlights yet??), - and here's a summer haul with some recently purchased clothes from a friend of mine - make sure you'll check out her sale HERE as she's got some really nice pieces that you can buy for like 5-20€ max =D  Sooo here's my choice! :)

Cute summer dress with a nice zip detail on front ;) The dress is super light and comfy to wear. Add a jeans- or other jacket - and you have an outfit for work on a hot summer day!

I'd wear it with some pearly & colourful bracelets and silver rings (left wrist band is from a local Boho shop; right green one Alehop; and the one with colourful bids and a heart-shaped shell I made myself)

This one is gonna be my favorite I think - super comfortable, silky texture and can wear with any shoes / jacket / handbag, to the beach as well as for work :)

Silver-golden details - it's totally OK to mix 'em up as you probably know, so I use the set of rings bought in Moraira (a gift from my babe <3), with a silver &diamond ring that my mom gave me <3 <3 , and a golden-coloured bijou bangle with nice two pendants from Shein - really like it a lot when put on smthg apart from my fav silver pieces!! :)

Now, THIS is fav top and I'm dying to wear it to the music festival we're going to very very very soon (WOHOOOO !!!!!), this top is absolutely gorgeous and rocks for practically any event. I'm gonna put on lotsa cool, heavy rings and black leather bracelets / silver bangles and ripped shorts (made them myself from an old Zara washed out jeans and a string with bids from an old Morgan top, that looks reeeeally sexy when you move and shake it, baby, heheh - see below more close!).

Silver and black - one of the best combos, imo, it's never out of fashion, practical and can be worn almost with any style outfit ;) 

That's it guys! Back in my home shorts, old tee & flipflops ))) Hectic day tomorrow so today I'm just gonna chill at home withthe cats and maybe get some more sun on the terrace! Edu's climbing Icelandic mountains and icebergs these days with a friend, so cats and movies are my main company right now. Missing him a lot... Hope you're not alone and not having too much stress either! Love, piece and rock-n-roll everyone!! Btw, maybe don't wear heels to a music festival... hehe xx