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Hey guys!! Hope you are all healthy and doing well (this phrase is becoming a tradition lately..). I've finally found the time and inspiration to post our Ibiza photos. We went back in June-July through Barcelona where we'd stayed for two more days after Ibiza and Formentera islands. Here's a small diary from that trip, starting from a silly, happy selfie (of course..!) on the plane to Barcelona from Tenerife :)

The place must look really nice and more inviting when it's sunny I'm sure, but on that particular day we were just not too impressed :) Apparently you can also drive there by a car but it looked like it was only-residents allowed.. 


Ok coming back to the airport-test-check drama.. We took test each of us in Tenerife before flying to Barcelona/ Baleares; both negative; I 'saved' it (as I thought) in my Files folder in iPhone, and forgot about it. Also threw away the little piece of paper from the hospital where they give you a unique number to check results online.. So imagine we're at Ibiza airport after Tenerife-Barcelona-Ibiza flights, received our luggage, filled out ridiculous and needless (imo) forms that everyone is obliged to do, came out and when we were supposed to show those forms where we indicated that Yes, we have negative Covid test results etc, I can not find mine!!! Went through ALL possible folders on my phone (trust me, nothing was left unchecked including some weird, semi-hidden folders that I didn't even know existed lol), - the file was gone. And I didn't take a screenshot. And the piece of paper to go online and check results was in a trash bin back in Tenerife.. So long story short, after long time of swearing and sweating they gave us an email address where to send negative test results, and the next morning I just called the hospital and successfully retrieved the data... but I think this little issue gave me some grey hair for sure hehehe

Next day we decided to go to the old fortified town in the capital of Ibiza and check Dalt Villa, which was a good idea in the end as the weather was perfect for that.

Then we came back to the North, had fantastic dinner at Thai restaurant and went to the hotel practically exhausted... which is a good thing as helps you to sleep even better!! ;)


The next morning our plan was to go visit another 'mindblowing' (as per Edu's brother words) place called Atlantis natural pools, which turned out to be fun but a bit disastrous... But first breakfast & coffee at a hotel and one nice pic of me before I looked like I came back from a war...))

The place is hard-to-get-to, hard-to-park, hard-to-walk, and in general I should've listened to my tiny voice of subconsciousness right from the beginning... You need to drive a few km's by car/ scooter then to park (only possible in the morning hours), to walk on flat for like 1-2km's - which is the nicest part perhaps!! - then to almost climb down some very steep natural steps with lots of rolling little stones that make each step even harder and more dangerous (elderly & unfit people should stay away from it I think); then you start walking on sand dunes which is also fun / dangerous as it's steep downhill; then when you're finally there, you need to figure out how the f...k you'll access the pools, so even more few steps, no less dangerous at all!.. And, when you're FINALLY there, you hardly find a free spot as it's almost always busy with crowds of crazy youngsters. No shade at all provided either btw. What a delight eh!?.

So anyways, as you can see I'm a bad swimmer and also not a wise person as it happened to me already a few times before (well, similar thing anyway, with the sea and waves..) but I thought I'm brave and all, so I can do it. The pool on the above picture is connected with the sea that was quite rough on that day; I was slowly coming down aka sliding on my back and ass when a few strong and big (no exaggeration!) waves started to come and just washed me down like a small ant against a garden hose with full water pressure on!!)) Thanks to Edu who dragged me out of it back to that black rocky wall, I was not paralized with fear any more and just sat on top where no waves could reach me, completely shattered with shock but laughing hysterically without feeling any pain, yet))). The result: those scratches on my elbows are still visible although almost healed (only different color now), the rest of wounds& scratches is gone. And - most importantly! - another lesson learned. Never play with the sea / nature in general, that's a fact ;)

After the incident we climbed back up, took the car, went to buy some food and two little cava bottles in order to come back, slightly different way (towards Es Vedra), and celebrate the fact that I'm still alive   another gorgeous sunset that Mediterranean is so generous with. It was very nice. 


The rest of Ibiza holidays were obviously not so fun for me as those scratches started to hurt like hell, so we just kinda moved slowly around the island by car, went to some beautiful beaches and witnessed some more breathtaking sunsets, that I'm missing right now a lot... The morning we left to Formentera was super stormy and rainy btw, so at least with that we got lucky, and not the whole Ibiza holidays were screwed up for us))))


Next part: Formentera and Barcelona, stay tuned and have a great week guys! xxx