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Ibiza - Formentera

Hello and good afternoon :) Hope you guys are doing well! Posting here the second part of our trip to Balearic islands, here's a bit more of Ibiza (literally the last two days) and beautiful Formentera island. Btw, there will also be a little part of Bermuda, particularly the unique pink sand that we found in Formentera... makes me miss Bermuda even more!.. <3

My sad face when leaving Ibiza, and Dalt Vila from the ferry on the way to Formentera

So we decided to stay nearby, listen to the music and check out another sunset that Balearic islands have in abundance and that are so sparse in our home in Tenerife :)

Next morning selfie with scratched arm from Atlantis (see previous post); beach time; and fantastic lunch we had at a beach restaurant =)

After that little nostalgic moment we walked back to our scooter and drove to the Barbaria lighthouse (El faro de Cap de Barbaria), 'Modern beacon at the [southern] tip of an isolated bluff, known for its panoramic sunset views.' (source here). It was nice to walk there and back, we saw yet another gorgeous sunset, Edu took some great photos with his film camera, but then my lower back started to hurt so badly that I thought we'll never make it to the hotel!.. I guess my accident at Atlantis pools was making itself known...

Next morning we went to the town for breakfast and a little paseo. I was falling in love with Formentera for its cute little streets, fresh coffee and croissants smell, nice morning sea breeze, small town busy life and the proximity to water from any part of the island, - everything kept reminding me of Bermuda... I was happy to remember how to drive one of those scooters as well hehe, took me a few hours though, poor Edu)))

Then we went to the beach where spent practically the rest of the day (G-d how I love vacations..!)), and I posed for Edu a little bit when the sun was setting down... 

And although it was very sad leaving Balearic, we knew we're going to be in Barcelona for two more days, meeting with friends and having good laughs and walks with them, eating delicious food and enjoying overall, so that thought helped not to be too sad about Formentera. Besides, we'll be back anyway I know it, and there's so much more to discover (for me) as I have never been either to Menorca or Mallorca, and they're definitely on the list!!. But for now, bye-bye Formentera & Ibiza, and Helloooo Barcelona (in my next post) ! 


Lots of love as always xxx