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Iceland. Part 1

Good Morning :) As promised, here's the first part of our Icelandic travel that we did with Edu a few days ago. It is truly a unique kind of a trip that you will never forget, because places like Iceland simply disappear from our planet...  

That's where any journey really starts: airport cafes and late night beers =)  Here in Madrid having Mahou's with sandwiches, and feeling excited about the upcoming trip!!

Our first night at Gata camping was.. errr, a bit out of order as I've never slept in a sleeping bag before (as opposite to Edu who's been twice to Himalayas, for instance..), and it was SOOOO freezing that I couldn't even imagine using provided blanket by our camper van's company, sleeping bag felt like the only option!! Before we've found the campsite it was a lot of driving in the night at 2-4am, in the middle of nowhere with NOTHING to see around apart from, well, Aurora Borealis (ok, that's a nice compensation for our crazy tiredness after 10h flights & an absence of street lighting along Iceland mains roads..)). So as soon as we woke up at 6.30am, we went straight for coffees and breakfast hunting! The only thing we didn't take into consideration was that it's Sunday, and icelanders do not work Sundays before 11am-12pm so it turned out to be a real hunt, lol. The landscapes we saw on our way though were very nice... 

Finally got our breakfast at a local cafeteria in Hveragerði (their FB page: !! You can see Edu's face below, when he converted the prices from Icelandic krones to Euros (100 ISK equals 1 Eur as per September 2018)... =D

Then we went by the 'Eyrarbakkavegur' (or road 34 - easier this way!)) by the South coast direction 'Vatnajökull National Park' (link here)  and simply kept stopping by interesting locations / views. 

Our Peugeot camper van =)

Bridge between 'Þorlákshöfn' and 'Eyrarbakki' on same road 34 ;)

And beautiful Selfoss town (Selfoss church above from the bridge over Ölfusá river), now we're on the road #1 

Rainbows are not a rare sight in Iceland, due to it's crazy weather mixed of rains, sunshine, snow and hail.. sometimes all at once 

Clouds change within 10-ish mins.. 

Wanted to stop here to take photos of this little lake and symmetrically planted trees (below) alongside the road:

Then I saw these fluffy babies growing just off the road 

And cotton plants (above)

And then there was rain and snow literally within 5 minutes!.

We froze after being outside only about 10 mins in total, so decided to have hot instant soups and finally used our little compact gas stove! Yummmm =)

Then we just kept on driving, the landscapes kept changing... so as weather, views, our mood and emotions while seeing all that incredible beauty!.. Somewhere we stopped, some places we couldn't due to absence of a road 'pocket' or approaching night. The latter meant we'd need to be looking for campsites in the dark, so we just had to go without stopping, and hoped that our cameras would capture at least small part of the beauty we might never see again or come back to... 

That's it for now! All of the above photos were taken during 3 days in general; next post will be about my favorite campsite and 'Vatnajökull National Park' :)


Good day/night for now xxx