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Iceland. Part 2

Hola :) This post is going to be about visiting Thingvellir tectonic plates, walking around Skaftafell icebergs & volcanic landcsapes of Vatnajokull National Park, drinking prosecco in Secret Lagoon SPA thermals and getting soaked behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Just a normal day in Iceland ;)

Basically, Thingvellir is not only a famous National park that attracts thousands of tourists each year from around the world, but also a part of the World heritage list under UNESCO protection since 2004. You can (and should!) read more about its history in English here:

For those who want to explore more there's an option of diving between the plates, where you can literally touch two continents with your own hands. It's called Silfra Crack, and it's truly spectacular as you can see on some videos on the web (we didn't dare to go diving as couldn't even think of taking off clothes for a second!..). One of such videos I'm posting below (and the direct link is:

And below is the path to the diving point:

Some ppl aren't much impressed with the surrounding beauty it seems..

And we continue direction The Great Geysir (map) with a lunch break in a super picturesque place that had a hotel, campsite, lake, open pools and thermals:

... and some happy fluffy sheep (will be more about it in the next post! ;)

Change of seasons within 10-15 mins time :)

And we keep driving further on to the geySir :)

Here it is!

About 3-6 seconds of a dropped down jaw - and then quiet again.. 

A little bridge built as a part of a test where Icelanders trying out different materials for new paths around geysir. It's smart how they tend to use whatever the nature offers, without actually intervening / destroying it completely (so as hot springs power, aluminium and even solar panels - in such a cold place like Iceland yet they somehow make it work!!. )

Next stop: Gullfoss waterfall around the Iceland' Golden circle :) Map how to get there:

See those tiny people on the left? That's gonna be us in a minute.

But was worth getting completely soaked & cold (check our red noses)) for a first time as we saw this beautiful waterfall from another point of view (above and below).

..Wet and happy (please excuse my 'French')), we kept driving further up to Vatnajokull National park and it's campsite to get hot showers and a shelter for the night. This is the road to the campsite, snapped on an iPhone 6S as when it comes to not miss out, sometimes it's more handy to use your smartphone rather than finding all those big cams & telephoto lenses in a camper van's mess.. 

The map of the campsite and Skaftafell visitor's centre (click on the image to be redirected to the website). Personally I liked this campsite most of all: it was new &modern, always clean, huge and therefore never crowded <3 

Unfortunately, no photos of the campsite as I was too busy running around the campsite happily using it's superb facilities, and jumping into puddles in my fancy-trendy Guess rubber boots, kindly provided by Olga (SPASIBO tebe so much darling, YOU SAVED ME <3 ))))

Next 'good' morning view through the window... We decided to wait till next summer  till the nasty rain / snow / hail are over, and headed out to the glacier and glacial lakes (more here: )..

Impressive, isn't it?? It was truly beautiful. So beautiful that, despite my protests, this brave guy decided to have a short swim in the lake, but thanks G-d only has gone one foot deep. He misses Himalayas a lot.. =)

After leaving the campsite, we decided to immerse ourselves - for a first time! - in the famous hot springs of Iceland. This 'Secret Lagoon' (website) was the closest on the way, so we went straight there. It was simply incredible. 

... especially with a glass of yummy prosecco! And let the world wait, and not such thing as bad weather is anymore important.. =)

But the road is calling, so good bye magical lagoon and we hope to see you again one day..

Btw, let me show you guys our van!! :) 

(and The most amazing driver <3 )

Another waterfall on the way (same old same good road #1 ):

This waterfall (called 'Seljalandsfoss' ) looked too majestic to be missed, so we decided to stop and take some pictures. Here's the map how to get there:

We weren't so prepared as those ones with orange-pinky raincoats, so of course we got soaked again as curiosity took over common sense, and we went straight behind / underneath that waterfall... :))

We just love getting wet in the coldness you know..) But honestly, zero regrets, was absolutely worth it: after all, how often you get to stand underneath a waterfall ?!.

And the road leads us further, to more landscapes, from cliffs to waterfalls, from rain to sunshine.

Another stop at yet another natural beauty: Reynisfjara Beach with its 'dangerous sneaker waves' (or flipflop waves, as we kept calling them afterwards.. hehe). Map here: 

Make sure you pay a visit to this place as it's really beautiful (we've got quite used to all that beauty by now actually)))). Had no idea there was a restaurant and a whole town behind those cliffs though... =) But the town (it's called Vik) we have still somehow discovered. 

Be original! Take photos using a tripod, for example =) 

When the living is easy =) 

And with this sunset picture of our already beloved Road #1  I'm finishing this post. Next icelandic one will be about fjords, more waterfalls & glaciers, caves, horses, thermals - and finally Reykjavik! Don't forget to check more pics & videos in the IG stories here:

Hope you have a fantastic weekend ;) We're planning a small getaway to the south of Tenerife - more of it to be posted here soon xxx


Peace and Love guys!!