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More of Lanzarote

Hello and Happy Sunday guys =) Here's the last part of our small Lanzarote adventure from this past January at Princess Yaiza hotel and around the island... This was the only morning we decided to go down to a beach cafe to have coffees and enjoy the beach a little, but the weather was cloudy at the beginning.. So we just kept taking pics with the gorgeous bouganiville (bougainvillea) all the time :) 

As I kept walking on the beach, I saw this man feeding seagulls - really big ones!! - with bread or smthg fishy, more likely :)

See that little roof on the left? When was there, I didn't notice it, but when editing photos I saw it and was quite surprised because that way of roof construction is more typical for Bermuda islands (I used to live & work there for three years before moving to Canaries). See this image on my Flickr for example:

Then he had to go back to work &shoot while I decided to use the opportunity of having a car and go exploring the island :)

Drove up to Yaiza, Los Volcanes Natural Park and Mancha Blanca where turned right to the centre of the island and found this renovated museum in San Bartolomé, dedicated to the local agricultural history, called Casa Museo del Campesino (map here).