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Good morning! This weekend we've been walking in Puerto de la Cruz at night, we bathed and suntanned in Los Abrigos, drove to La Esperanza and ate in El Medano resto Bombay Babu =) Now it's Monday and it's raining cats and dogs outside, but the good memories help thinking positively and with a smile. ;)

We stayed for about 2-3 hours there, read books, suntanned, bathed and even slept a little :)

The north, though, has a different understanding of warmth and sunshine..)) 

This week is gonna be a bit hectic since I have to renew my passport for the trip to NYC we're planning for October-November this year (Woohoooo!!!!); Edu's going away for 10 (!!) days in Lanzarote, and I will visit him there for 3 days. But this time no cars - only relax and train for the half-marathon we'll be running on 7th of April in Las Galletas - come and cheer us, if you want!! =)