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Morning swim in El Poris

Good day / evening and Happy Constitution day for those who celebrate! Who doesn't - sure you enjoy one more day off work, so why not call it a celebration also ;) 

We've started this day pretty early and drove to El Poris for both work and relax - but so glad we brought swimwear! The morning was just gorgeous with warm sun and calm sea... 

With the work load and other things (hence my absence here...) we needed this so much ! So now we are actually thinking of spending more time on the coast closer to the ocean. It's the best that Tenerife has to offer, so why not taking advantage after all?! When you can swim all throughout year and enjoy its sunshine and warmth <3 

First went Edu to check the water, then me, and then suddenly the place was crowded and full of laughs & screams when ppl got into water as obviously December swim feels quite fresh =) 

After swim we dried out a little and went for coffees and some breakfast at Cafe al Mar - quick, tasty and not expensive :)

Now resting, half-an hour nap and then some friends coming for dinner. SUCH a beautiful day ! :) Lots of love and hugs to you all! xxx