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Iceland. Part 3

Good Morning guys! Here's the third - and NOT the last !! - part of Iceland trip for those of you who long for some snow and coldness as today is only one month away from December and all the Christmas madness, that, no matter what religion you're, whether you love or hate it, whether you're looking forward to it or simply ignore its whole approach, - BUT you can't deny always has something magical about it... =) 

I've decided to dedicate this post to the Vatnajökull National park and it's magical energy of glaciers, snow, icebergs and their beautiful patterns, breaking by the sun and water they're floating on, like some gigantic (or small) cruisers, full of majesty, silent calm and mysteries of hundreds of years...

And then we drove to the beautiful (and absolutely freezing !!)) Jökulsárlón glacier lake :)

Here's the map how to get there (even although it's really impossible to miss it):

After we left the lake, we kept driving up the south-east direction north of Iceland. The views kept changing very fast, we stopped by in some places for coffee & lunch but whether it was a small town or a big touristic spot, you'd notice that Icelanders take a great care of environment and you feel like a part of it without actually intervening. There you learn most how to appreciate and respect mother nature as, even being a part of it, you still feel so fucking tiny comparing to all THAT greatness, that you can only imagine what power and impact it might have if you don't. 

We had to get to the next camping (called 'Eyjolfsstadir Campsite' - map here) before the sunset, and we've  managed - but ohhh was it hard not to stop in these fjords and observe the beautiful valleys and snow capped mountains lit by the warm, golden sunset light!.. <3 

...We have finally arrived to the campsite, nearly in the darkness, extremely tired, - and went straight for hot showers, dinner and deep, dreamless sleep... to wake up in warmest sun light and the best weather conditions for running: 

After a quick, light breakfast we went for a run in the mountains (Edu about 15km, me ±10km), hot showers again and then I took the camera and went for a small walk around the campsite area. It was truly amazing... 

And we continued our journey further up to the northern part of Iceland direction Reykjavik, which I will definitely show you very soon :) 


And now we're off to celebrate Edu's birthday :) He has no idea where we're going to since it's a part of my bday surprise for him...  Hope you have a good day, kisses!!! xxx