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Moscow. Part 3

The third and the last - for now - part of the Moscow trip this August. This is more about my family. I miss them so much... hope they'll come visit to Tenerife some time soon! <3 

One of the mornings we went with my brother to Novokuznetskaya metro station to try 'One of the best coffees I've ever had' as per his own words (I still can't get used to the thought he's so grown up that he can drink coffee already, lol!!). The cafeteria was called 'Bonjour cafe' or something like that (Pyatnitskiy pereulok, 8, next to Medea Hotel and a flower shop) and had indeed a nice selection of coffees and sweets! It also has a free Wi-Fi which doesn't require Russian mobile number (in my case was just perfect and sought-after as I don't have one). 

After coffees we picked up our mum and decided to visit Kolomenskoe museum-park (link to Wiki here), - a place that associates with childhood, happy times and friendship for me. We used to go there with friends & classmates to have great laughs, relax and - at that time - to smoke a cig and drink a beer without anyone watching, hehe..))

This time the place looked much more crowded than back then. 

The place I used to remember as 'our spot' was occupied.., so we've found another - better one! - to have a small cozy picnic with mum & bro. 

While my brother was reading a book, I was busy demolishing 'pirozhki' (a Russian version of pies or patties, but with no meat inside), carefully cooked by my mum and that tasted like HEAVEN... =)

My beautiful mum <3 . She loves yoga and tries to do it everywhere possible bless her!

My brother doesn't like being photographed... ;) 

...which we have absolutely nothing against with my mum, lol 

Time flew by.. The tranquil feeling of happiness and calmness was something I'd always remember when leaving that place, whether it was back in school / university days, or this time in August. 

Beautiful, old buildings from 16th century - typical Russian churches & cathedrals. Some are still operating. I'm not religious but I was happy to see it's still 'alive' and well taken care of. 

Then there was Gorkiy Park where I rollerbladed and fell quite badly on my coccyx; then there was yoga where I defo shouldn't have gone to due to the bad fall onto the coccyx but still went, and spent the whole next day in bed not being able to walk, lol; there was this beautiful sunset over the Moscow river; and many more precious moments to remember or to laugh about. 

Great trip, best company, fantastic flying experience with Aeroflot airlines, and I just couldn't be happier to recognize my home city from a completely different, new point of view. Now it's time to bring Edu, - my Tenerife part of the family, - to Moscow and to show him the best sides of it! 

See you soon and hope you're having a fantastic weekend guys x