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Moscow. Part 2

Hey everyone!!! We're back from a crazy 5-day vacation in Santa Pola and just said Good-bye to Edu's family that was visiting Tenerife for a week, so now back to routine and work... We're missing the little ones (and all the rest!) a lot, suddenly the house feels super empty and quiet..., but at least the cats are happy & not hiding from the little boys as they always wanted to chase poor cats to show them some 'love', hehe)))

Now we're getting ready for another adventure (FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!), meantime here's another part of my Moscow trip in August. Some moments in Sokolniki park (map):

Every time I am browsing through these images, my heart sinks a little and I feel that I miss the place and my family so, SO MUCH. I'm hoping that my brother will visit us in January, while we're also planning on going to Moscow for a few days some time either December or May when it's the best, - events & beauty wise. 

Running barefoot chasing butterflies... felt like I was a child again <3 

We've had about half-day walking in that beautiful park, talking about everything (and everyone lol)), having coffees, buying souvenirs, almost getting a stray cat for my mum & bro, - and lotsa more things that I can't even remember but that were substantial in that particular moment of the day... 

Then we went down to the subway and were on the way home... Part 3 is next up!! There will be some more of my family and myself, but - sorry! - same amount of nature and greens as we don't have it a lot in Tenerife, so I kept the camera working all the time :) Now it's so nice to go through all of them again as those captured moments mean the world to me <3 

Hope you're having a great week and see ya'll soon !!! X