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Romantic El Poris..

Hey guys! Few weeks ago we went to El Poris to enjoy Samelo Vegan resto and to test Edu's camera. He needed a model, so I said no way man!!! I'm not a model and i hate being in font of a camera  sure babe no probs, it's gonna be fun! In fact, my main motivation was to eat a nice vegan food that they have at @SameloVeg , so yeah, I should put it on paper: will work for food ! Lol just kidding of course, things haven't been crazy active work wise, but I'm not complaining at all, feeling quite happy where I am now professionally and mentally. Anyway, here're the photos, - both from our iPhones and from Edu's Nikon and Pentax film cameras. Go have a look at his beautiful new website btw, really nice works there ;) 

My two favorites are on the top (the first two in black& white), - and yours? :) xx