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Tajinaste and sunset on Teide

Well hello there!! How're you? Long time no see...

These past two months were a rollercoaster (as for most of you I'm sure, too!). I'm already preparing a quick summary for the next post, and meantime please check out these new pictures from our short sunset hiking on Teide a few days ago :) 

After the heart warming moment of 'the hills have eyes' we sort of bumped into a whole field of tajinaste, - but none of them were blossoming! What a shame... would be amazing to see so many of them wearing their spring dresses.. Good news though for those of you who decide to go to the same place now - you might get reaally lucky !!

These two images above don't have color editing at all, only contrast correction since the light was a bit too harsh, but these are the real natural colors.. Creepy but aren't they beautiful in their own, strange & creepy way?! :)