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Short Lanzarote getaway

Hey guys! Today is Friday and it means weekend (hopefully for the most of you anyway!), relax, having a nice time with your friends& family, going out or staying in without feeling guilty hehe, and so on ;) I've just came back from Lanzarote after spending time with Edu (when he was free of work), training for the upcoming half-marathon, recovering on the beach and eating super tasty healthy food which I didn't have to cook myself and wash dishes after, lol 

We just met at the airport and went straight for lunch (please excuse our silly faces as we're just happy to see each other after 4 days being apart!)); our room balcony and Playa Blanca' promenade on the right side of the image.

After that we went together with Alvaro to the volcano in La Santa - I will post about it soon!! - and had coffees and lunch afterwards.


The next day I had to fly back, which was sad cause of leaving Edu, but also happy cause I'd see these three lil ones (our holy trinity)):

Thanks for watching / reading and hope you all have a great weekend! Night-night xxx