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USA trip. Los Angeles, Venice beach

Good morning :) How's your quarantine going? Yesterday we just saw on TV that it'll be extended till 12th of April here in Tenerife/ Spain, and it starts feeling a tad bit depressive in this isolation.. On the other hand, at least we've got Internet, movies and popcorn, and the streets are free of zombies (started watching The Walking Dead recently + all those apocalypse movies like '28 days later', 'World War Z', 'Contagion'...) - so isn't it just a reason to be positive after all?.. ;) 

Here're some snaps from Los Angeles/ Venice beach that I've finally got my hands onto. From Canon cam and mobile. Our jetlag was so horrible after all those early wakeups and looong flights (Tenerife - Madrid - New York - (in 2 days) Los Angeles..), that all we could do is find the car that we rented from Tenerife, get some fast food into our jetlagged stomachs (you know that feeling when you think you're hungry but bloated at the same, and feeling full after eating only a small amount of food ??), find our beautiful apartment stones away from Venice and get to Wallmart (wow, impressive!.) for some grocery shopping.  

Both Edu and I haven't seen Pacific ocean ever before, so, even feeling extremely jet-lagged, we still managed to get to it, and Edu even had a quick swim !!! Felt so nice, re-charging and magical in some way, it's amazing how water can easily take out all the stress and fatigue. I went in knee-deep and already felt much, much better. Well, at least it was enough for a small paseo on the boardwalk and later on the pier, to see the sunset :) 

One of the most beautiful sunsets - thanks Los Angeles &Venice beach, - first time visit, first evening, and such a good luck!!! Loved the haughty-naughty seagulls too :)

Enjoyed it till last minute and then went to meet a friend of Edu who's just moved to Los Angeles from Tenerife. We were really curious to hear about life in LA from a person who is in the same field of work as us, also from Tenerife (..after being here for 9 years I think I might have the right already to call it home!)))) and who wasn't hesitant to do a big change for himself and his family, - quite similar to us, too. 

The next morning we went to have breakfast at the Sidewalk Cafe (Google map) , pay another visit to the beautiful but freezing Pacific ocean, and went back to our apmt to start packing for the National Parks - see next post soon ;) Xx



And here's some positivity for you guys. I know how it feels to be on this Coronavirus #LOCKDOWN , but we have to be grateful it's not something worse! We have food, Internet, we 're spending more time with our pets and beloved ones (or can video chat with them, in case if some of you live alone); we have another good cause to call our parents to see how they are, and to be reminded once again that life is such a precious, fragile thing. Health is what's important. And love to each other. As I saw in Instagram a few days ago, "Our grandparents were called to a war. We're called to stay home and wash our hands." You can still work from home; do projects; read books; play games; draw; think-write-cook-sleep-play music-dance-sing-...


Let's all be patient. In the end, again at least there're no zombies running around, lol, and we can clearly see how our Mother Nature reacts already on the whole planet: Shanghai has a clear, blue sky after long, long time; Venice canals in Italy never had such clear, transparent water, even dolphins were seen very close to the city! And I personally can feel the changes just by looking outside the window:  big, dramatic, beautiful clouds bringing more rain and clarity with the wind, which makes everything more green and ALIVE. How amazing. 


Stay healthy, strong and always positive in your spirit! Xx