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USA trip. New York, part 1

Hello loves! As said before, it's being a long time but now we're all on quarantine mode, so when would be really a better moment for some life updates, if not now?? :) 

We've been to a lot of places like Lisbon, Moraira (mainland Spain), went to the US to see friends in NYC, visit some national parks and have a chill time in LA; we saw The Chemical Brothers at NOS Alive music festival (apart from many other amazing bands); been to Madrid a few times, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, and had a lot of fun getting prepared for the Barcelona marathon (my first one, ever!), which was supposed to be this weekend on the 15th of March but got cancelled due to COVID-19 virus.. what a shame, but of course nothing is more important than our health and of our beloved ones, besides, since the beginning of my training I've ran 9 times distances between 21 and 30km, so that makes me feel a bit better while waiting for the new marathon date on 25th October 2020 ;)  Anyways.. Here are some shots from our first days in NYC back in October 2019 =) 

We walked/ sightsaw around 12km each day around the city; didn't have much time on our first visit since we had plans going to California & Nevada, but second time when we came back for nearly a week, we actually were lucky to fully enjoy New York and its crazy life rhythm <3  

Been to Brooklyn, Soho, Manhattan, Chinatown; cycled the whole Manhattan in one day (see part 2 later!); spent half a day at Barnes & Noble; ate in the most delicious (and not..)) places from fast food to top-notch restos; felt cold and super tired at times, but always excited and very happy to be able to share such a great experience between each other, since we both visited New York before but this was our first time seeing it together <3 <3

It was even more cool and def very creepy since Halloween was just around the corner... =)

We saw our friends and had a fantastic time with them including this beautiful sunset at Battery Park and countless dinners at Mexican & Chinese (missing you guys so much already.. whyyyy everything good comes to an end?!)  But we were super excited to keep on moving and to go to LA - not only together for the first time but also in general, we've never been there before, either of us..  Stay tuned for some pics from there too, guys!! :) Xx