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USA Trip. Sequoia national park

Good morning / day / night (wherever you are and whatever mood you're in, during these times of the lockdown..) ! Here's some outdoor inspiration from Sequoia National Park  in October where we went straight after spending one night at the fantastic The River Inn motel (oh I fell in looove with American motels after this trip, lol, - they're so romantic)):

The park was established in the end of the XIX century in the Giant Forest in California (4,000m above sea level), and it's famous by the largest by volume, single stem living tree on Earth, which even has a name - General Sherman Tree. It's almost 84 m high above the base and it's diameter reaches 11 m with 31 m circumference at ground. Just imagine!!! Quite impressive isn't it.

A quick kiss from Edu, and we're moving further towards Yosemite and our next stay :)

This gas station has a little story to tell. We were running out of fuel after leaving Sequoia park and heading to Yosemite, and miscalculated the distance between gas stations (thought we had a few on the way, but turned out we didn't.. thanks Google maps *not)), - and this station was nearly missed since Edu was very nervous and wanted to keep driving to the hotel, and I tried to insist on making a longer way to pass by this station that was also on the map. He thought its another trick and we won't find anything, but after some  screaming and shouting  thoughtful re-consideration, we went AND found it. Of course. 

Next stop: a lot of Yosemite national park and a little bit of our grand, Victorian style hotel inside the park - stay tuned I'll try to post it already tomorrow! :) xx