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USA Trip. Yosemite national park

Hey-hey, sorry didn't post this yesterday as promised, was super busy!!. Nah, just a simple procrastination.. But there's a bonus part in the end that I wasn't mentioning before ;)

So, - Yosemite here "broadcasting" from Tenerife, -  how're y'all doin' today??! Hehe I know you're just as fed up as me with the lockdown. Hopefully less than me though. Canary islands and particularly Tenerife is having a negative trend in numbers of COVID-19 infected, yet we are still following the same damn rules as the rest of Spain... We as me& Edu find it very unfair, and we as Canary islands' residents are very much hoping for an earlier salida of the entire lockdown!!! For at least an hour or two per day, EVEN if you're not 12yo or younger, or don't have a dog.. 

Anyway. Enough negativity, let's travel a bit back in time now shall we?? October 2019, Yosemite here we come! The. Most. Beautiful (nature wise) thing I've ever seen in that part of the world and on the other side of Atlantic. Even more so: it was the end of fall season.. <3 

Arrived late (I was driving..))) the night before from Sequoia national park to Yosemite, and woke up with crispy cold air and ice covered land around Wawona Hotel ( LINK to open in a new window), a Victorian style lodging with beautiful terraces and squeaky, old wooden floors where we stayed for 2 nights before going to Nevada and then back to California again. The hotel is located practically inside the park, so you won't have to drive for too long till you see its main attraction: the majestic El Capitan mountain.

Now here's a small eyesight test for you: can you spot the crazy little mofos  very brave climbers on this zoom-in?? If not, here's a hint:

Two love birds and a veeeery overexposed El Capitan in the background :)

Finished the mountains part, did the lakes & creeks and then came back to the car (which took us a long time since there were lots of visitors with vehicles), and drove further to a waterfall called Bridal Veil ( Wiki link ):

Edu was more brave and less tired than me since he nearly went all the way up - see him? That was taken in the middle of his climb)))

Meantime I just waited down; took this short video (Edu was already out of sight at that time, more up...)

Next morning woke up in the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures - what a great way to start another adventure, another long drive to the legendary Death Valley?! 

I hope this bonus together with the large amount of photos have compensated the absence yesterday. YOu are welcome to read about this beautiful lake here, if you'd like:  (it'll open in a new window). 


Next stop: Death Valley and crossing California border to Nevada! Xx