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Walk around the area where we live now

Hello guys! Monday's here, we're busy planning the week and our trip ahead, and meantime as promised, here're some pics from our walk yesterday around Los Campitos in Santa Cruz where we live now! It's the highest point of the city, so you can imagine the views are spectacular, and we're surrounded by the mountains connected with the green (and quite cold in winter time!!)) Anaga natural reserve.   

The area where we started our walk has some sport activities including football field and tennis court (which is inside you, according to above! hehe), and it's overall super easy to walk. You won't need any special equipment or guidance except, maybe, some comfy shoes (I only had my fav Salomon trainers for trekking / running trails and nothing else special clothes or equipment wise..). 

When we started, it was more or less sunny and warm, but within minutes it's changed to clouds, and by the time when we were leaving, it was drizzling rain. Unbelievable weather here. 

Exploring the hidden parts of the mountains. We wanted to check that tunnel but in the end decided that we were fiiiiine, lol, - maybe we'll come back another day, when it's long enough before sunset!! :)