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Walk in Tahodio

Good Saturday morning! :) Wow, it's been SO hot these last few days because of calima, you cannot imagine (unless you live in the south of Tenerife or any other Canary island, of course, - then you know what I'm talking about!)), it's only today that I can see this nasty sand storm from Sahara is finally going away!.. 

Edu's in Madrid this weekend and I had jobs to do hence couldn't come along.., so now I'm finally free and happy to blog a little :) These photos were taken when Edu's family was visiting a couple of days ago, and one of those days we went up to Tahodio valley for hiking, with Edu and his brother Nacho (he's a fantastic photographer btw, check out his works here: ). 

We woke up super early and went up with Edu's car, then hiked to this point with amazing views over Santa Cruz, and the sun was just going up, so all was lit in a nice, warm color with a bit of a haze. Thank G-d we had coffee with us, otherwise would've been much more blurriness in the pics :)))

Then we decided to keep on going up following the sun, and went into Tahodio village overlooking the lake, valley of Tahodio and Anaga park. That was so beautiful!..