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Abama crashers!

Good Friday morning :) It's been crazy days lately for both Edu & me, we've been working a lot, and yesterday I had my driving test and I PASSED it, from the first time!!! How crazy it that, I'm still over the moon and cannot WAIT to hit the roads again =) 

Here's a little cheer-up to those of you who cannot wait for the weekend and who miss the sunshine... Last weekend my handsome boyfriend has treated me with a one-night stay in Abama hotel (website), and I was so happy to be able to document most of it on our new little waterproof cam!!!

Here're some photos too ;) 

Our room and the most fantastic terrace with the views on La Gomera, pool (one of nine))), and the hotel territory:

As you can see, we've started celebrating right at the lobby., lol.. Celebrating what? The weekend, good vibes, happiness, present moment in life and the luck of being able to live on this beautiful island... cava and beers seemed like the best fit ;) 

And below you can check out the video compilation I did during the last couple of days, too! Hope you'll like it - it's my first attempt of such editing, ever =) 

Hope you enjoyed watching it! I know there's still a lot to work on, and it's silly and very amateur but for us it's another good memory first of all, and I just wanted to share some nice, positive vibes with you guys :) 


That's all for now! 


Wishing you all GREAT weekend, full of love and warmth! xxx