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What\'s happened with Girl life in Tenerife


Hey everyone!! Today's post is going to be about what actually has happened with our girly blog Girl Life in Tenerife that we used to run since June 2014 and until July this year. 


In July 2018 after we did the last post 'Desert feeling', we've found out that the website is hacked and we couldn't log in, check or post anything at all!!! After a few weeks of attempts we decided to leave it and see what's gonna happen next. Clearly whoever would take the original name would be [probably] guilty of hacking it... So far the website is still up but we cannot do anything or post anything at all, so indeed it's been a very 'desert feeling' ever since it's happened!.. 


It's a real shame but there's nothing can be done by us ourselves. In case if any of you guys know how we could possibly fix it, please feel free to let us know! Of course we will consider it to be a paid job as well. Pity to just throw away 4 years of our lives with all the work, travels, collabs and of course outfits :) 


Meantime we still catch up for coffees with Olga when I'm in the south :) We laugh, gossip and discuss everything what's been happening with us. And last time I decided to take some photos just to remember how it was for the GLT blog =) It was fun we laughed a lot, and here're some of the shots we took of each other in Los Cristianos:

So if any of you or your friends know how to fix, or at least find out what's happened with our dear girly blog - please comment here or drop us a message at !! Meantime you're more than welcome to check it out before it shuts down completely and for good!... 

We will try to keep our Instagram account live for some time but, again, no guarantee it'll be for too long if we won't find solution to fix the website first. 


Thanks so much for all the time you've been with us and we hope that it's not a Good-Bye with you guys!! <3 


Have a fantastic & super productive week ;) xx