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About this weekend

Hello and Happy Monday :) Here's a quick sumup of what's happened during the weekend! Saturday we've met with these two beauties (find them on Instagram as @Yoga_Vibe_Tenerife - Emily is a yoga teacher and gives group classes as well as private lessons throughout all Canary islands! - and  @LouByrne , - a wonderful human being who lives for a long time here in Tenerife and deals with cars and hotel business)  at calle La Noria in Santa Cruz, a perfect place to go if you're looking for a nice resto and not sure which one to pick.., had lunch and talked about life for almost 3 hours.. =) 

Next morning had to leave Santa Cruz at insane 7am in order to be in time and park the car (apparently, they closed all roads around the area and simply cut out Las Galletas and the marathon route from everyone who wanted to come and cheer up runners at the finish line!!! Grrr

I was a bit nervous as previous year looked like a miserable disaster, time and preparation wise.. I was coming the very last but then somehow managed to overtake two guys (!! #GPR ))) and came 341st out of 343, but maaaan you've no idea how hard it was for me to do that!. 

So I've trained and trained and trained, and when I saw the final time I was just over the moon to see I did 4 mins better than the last year, even though it was hot as hell, 70-80% up long ascending hill and on concrete. 

Now, I know I'm not a winner and will never train enough to be even in a first 10. The winner of this race, for instance, had ran craziest 3:15 min/km!. Edu had an amazing result of 4:43, and my time was 6:45, so no doubt I"ll always be in the end of the lists, hahaha!! But I just love the feeling of being a part of something big'; the preparation - mental not less than physical!; the result of being so self-disciplined cos sometimes it's so bloody hard to motivate yourself to go out and train... The whole process from seeing an advert and subscription to crossing that finish line is 100% WORTH it guys, I promise! I'm sure those of you who ran at least once such race can confirm. :) See all the results here, if you like:

The after-race feeling in your legs will be a proof you did good - first of all, for yourself! - and will last for quite a few days as a 'friendly' reminder about the race, lol. Esp if you ran it together with someone and can share all the emotions afterwards =)

We drove to El Medano and crowled went to El Veinte 04 surf cafe (their website) for a huge lunch to help faster recovery.. then we bought this tasty red wine to celebrate, and headed home for a monster siesta.... watched an apocalypse movie in the evening with very protein-rich dinner & wine, and having our legs up or stretched out on the sofa..))))  That's it for Sunday! :)

Next post is about our smaller terrace' progress at home in Santa Cruz from the time of the purchase till now.. and cats enjoying their morning routine out there =)


Love & Hugs! xoxo