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Home terrace & time with the cats

Hey guys, here're one morning moments from our small terrace at home in Tenerife! Cats are loving the way it is now: green, with lots of grass to eat or roll on, and generally 'life' going on.. =) It wasn't like this at all when we moved in last year.. 

Took us not too long to get it sorted (couple of weeks / 2 months top), we're just a bit lazy or busy with other stuff. But now since it's done it's so great to see how nice & attractive the same space can be!! Esp for the cats - they're absolutely mad about it :) 

Also, we've put some new plants and flowers, for example these hortensias that I mentioned recently here and promised to give you updates :)

We were told to plant them without taking out of pots as that could destroy their roots, too delicate for that but, apparently, too strong to break through the pots and settle into soil.. So far they are at least alive, lol, and hopefully we'll see more progress shortly :) Man, I love gardening!! 

As said before, cats loving it so much they wanna spend all the time there, but we have to make sure they don't jump over the fence and escape so we have to be always present, watching them (which is difficult at times as we also need to work every now and then, lol..)

This is the little 'bridge' area we went out exploring last year (see here the original post).