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Cruising El Hierro

Good Day !!! Here's the trip we did to El Hierro island recently :) I've never been there before and it was in our plans with Edu for quite a long time, so we were super happy and excited to finally go there! Even more so - we decided to camp near one of the most beautiful natural pools you'll see in Canaries, called Tacorón, as camping, I believe, is one of the best ways apart from walking, to truly discover places. 

Had to wake SUPER early (for freelancers!)) at a ridiculous 5am in the morning, in order to drive from Santa Cruz to catch a ferry from Los Cristianos. Hence such bitter, unenthusiastic faces here, haha! 

And we arrived to the Villa de Valverde in order to stock up with groceries for our camping. Maaaaan that was cold up there..)))

Beautiful landscapes, [mostly] accurately painted houses scattered around the island, - the whole picture of El Hierro gives an impression of a place with a lot of care and love. Well and magic also, you'll see why...)

The more we were coming up, the more changing landscapes we passed by: from a dry serpentine roads with scanty vegetation to foggy valleys with blossoming flowers, greens and spooky pine forests :)

Was actually quite happy to see the sun and feel the warmth when approaching to our planned camping spot! 

The town became famous because of underwater volcanic eruptions, occured back in 2011-2012 (when I just arrived to the Canaries, lol), literally off the shore of La Restinga! you can read more about it on Wiki here (will open in a new window). 

Weather permitted, we sat outside on the promenade with the views over marina and the ocean... Beautiful!

Then we hit the road again direction Tacorón, where the road gets really high & narrow, but oh so beautiful..!

...Because we were absolutely alone in these goooorgeous surroundings! Was worth the drive and time spent looking for this gem, as you can see <3 

Soon - part 2 / day 2 of this trip when we went up in the mountains and nearly froze to death in the pine forest..)) Right now I am going to pack the suitcase to a place that I'd like to keep as a secret for now, but you'll definitely know more about it in a couple of days ;) Love and peace guys xx