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Cruising El Hierro part 2

Good morning guys! I am back from my trip and so happy to be doing some routine now that I decided to work on and publish this post literally few hours after landing in Tenerife South airport - this is the second part of our El Hierro amazing camping / cruising experience - the second and partly third days of our adventure =) 

So the next day we woke up with that fantastic view, in a silence only interrupted by a peaceful sough of ocean waves somewhere down the cliff, and had the.most.delicious brekkie ever - with coffee, bananas, toasts with jam &butter, - and more coffee =) Then we decided to go to the pools, spend there some time and pack up for another place as we've only discovered one part of the island, and I was super curious to see the rest! 

After such beautiful, fresh morning with a swim and healthy breakfast, we moved up to Jinama to go for a cool run in clouds. 

And that's when I really felt the creepiness and somewhat unworldly.. First of all, because we were surrounded by thickest fog, we didn't see the 1,1km abyss on one side on the top of El Hierro's crag, - but both knew IT WAS THERE... Also the place is popular among crows, lots of crows in fact, that we saw flying around and looking ready to attack / protect their nests (not that anyone wanted to hurt them at all!); and the whole place seemed just abandoned, with lots of low stone fences that look easy to climb over, but a bit difficult after 30-40 mins of running and conquering 20 ish of them!! 

So we ran, and ran, and ran until we realized that we got lost in the middle of no_where, with not a one soul in sight! Then we had to continue the run until we saw the road (crinkle and half way broken up but concrete!). We turned there and ran more towards our car as we thought and hoped, through spider nets woven between big, wild dandelions; together with zillions of grasshoppers jumping around when you touch the ground near them; ran till we saw herds of cows, lonely horses, two curious donkeys (obviously thinking who the ef we are and if we're there, - were we gonna feed them??))) and countless rabbits - and finally till we found our way back to the car! That was def a happy moment for us hehe :) 

Didn't take the cam or phones with us when we went running, but once came back to the car, had to take these pics as literally felt (me at least))) as survivors from a horror movie / mission accomplished' victorians =)  And because it was unusually beautiful of course, too!

Then we headed up to the campground Hoya del Morcillo (map), where intended to have a very needed hot shower, good dinner and quality sleep under the pine trees... Well I've never felt so cold in my life haha!!! The only way to keep warm after the effect of hot shower had disappeared, was hotttt wine and tons of hoodies that we had to put on ourselves in order to simply not to freeze to death!!! See for yourselves:

So literally in the middle of the night around 4am we took a decision to move direction El Charco Azul = Warmth and coziness :) 

That's it for El Charco Azul :) Then we went for a good brunch that looked more like a pre-lunch)), and to Puerto de la Estaca in order to catch the ferry back home :) 

Below are some views of the magnificent El Golfo valley we passed by on our way. 

Next post: my trip to Moscow that I was holding as a secret! :) Hope you enjoyed this post and feeling adventurous)))) You can take 5-10 mins of your time and read much more about the beautiful, unique island of El Hierro here:


Hugs and have a great weekend folks x