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Moscow. Part 1

Hello guys! I just came back from Moscow after 7 (!!!) years, and that was.. just great. The city has changed so much (I guess thanks to the WorldCap), the streets and parks were so clean, people become more friendly and even the weather was fantastic! What was initially a quite spontaneous decision, came out one of the best things I've done recently - both for me and for my beloved family.

The trees became taller)); my small brother became bigger than me; my mom didn't change at all :) and I felt totally over the moon to be able to hug them again and walk the places where I grew up... 

This is the building where I studied theatre and painting for example. Sadly, since it's the state building, there's 'no money' to take care of it, if you know what I mean. It was pity to see it being destroyed by the hands-of-time..

Was happy to see old buildings are still there and haven't been completely replaced with the new ones, full of glass & concrete and without a character. These old 'monuments' are the real heart of Moscow centre, imo.

Moving up to Pyatnitskaya street...

After a long walk we had coffee's at cafeteria 'Double B' (the one on Tatarskaya street)

In all honesty I think it was rather a misunderstanding but we didn't like the service there. The coffees were good though, which is most important :) But keep in mind that they charge if you want to choose soya milk, and they don't have milk without lactose nor brown sugar. Also, they confuse the sizes of the cups. Not a biggie but it felt a bit strange.. 

After coffees we decided to check out the Sokolniki park as it held an Indian fest (Russia and India are friends lately ;). We took subway in order to get there.

Mum checking the map and market' stalls; group of Indians taking photos durung the Indian fest :) 

Then we just kept walking, talking, laughing, taking photos of everything and of each other, resting on benches and overall enjoying the day. It felt so good and happy I remember.. :)

Obviously the more coffee the better (there's no such thing as 'Too Much Coffee' in my whole life haha!). It gives me motivation and kick in the ass brain to get up and start the day; it gives me inspiration, make me working more efficient, - and how nice it is just to 'Have a coffee break' in general, no matter what time of the day it is? ;)

That's it for now! Edu and I are already packing for the next trip, so you can check Instagram for updates if you wanna see where we're headed to (@miaphotoscom or @miathemia - this is a personal one, sorry I only add friends&family in there!). Next - Moscow trip part 2 and some of the trip we're going to shortly! And soon after I'll reveal something ABSOLUTELY fantastic that we are planning now and kinda keeping as a secret!!! We are both freaking out already and cannot believe it, - so stay tuned not to miss it ;) Hugs to you all xxx